Panorama from 19th of November 2018 - Edition 31

Preview Release
The next EMM-Check® Release will be released on 30.11.2018 and includes the following new features:
  • New context menu functions "Export EMM-Check data" and "Import EMM-Check data".
    With these functions, components and assemblies as well as complete vehicle structures including built-in catalog objects (mirrors, cameras, monitors, etc.) and auxiliary geometry can now be exported from an EMM-Check® project file (ecp) and imported into another ecp. The new functions are part of the package "Analysis Extended"

  • Interactive movement of components in VR
    The new release now supports interactive part movement in HTC Vive® mode for more efficient design reviews. The user selects (= grabs) a component or assembly and can detach it from the assembly context, e.g. to carry out detailed considerations or to explain structural features to team members in the context of the VR cluster. It is also possible to transfer the component or assembly to another VR-team-member. Once the review process is complete, the selected part or assembly is returned approximately to its original position - a snap-mechanism then supports correct reassembly.
    You can watch a video of this function here.

  • New context menu functions "VR Properties"
    Large assemblies or even complete vehicles are often integrated into the VR of EMM-Check®. The interactive movement of parts described in the previous point requires a separate classification of the geometry when starting the HTC Vive® mode, which may take a moment for large amounts of data. However, since the design review does not necessarily involve disassembling the entire vehicle, the "VR-Properties" function is available, which can be used to define the "Selectable" property on one or multiple models. This determines whether an object should be available for the "Part Movement" in virtual reality or not, which can significantly reduce the classification time when starting the HTC Vive® mode.

  • Predefined percentiles according to ISO 3411 / central provision of user profiles
    Release provides predefined percentiles according to ISO 3411 in driver mode and HTC Vive® mode. Pull-down menus can be used to load the corresponding settings for small (5th percentile), medium (50th percentile) and large (95th percentile) people in a seated and standing position, as well as in relation to the neck point.
    In addition, it is now possible that settings for the driver mode and the HTC Vive® mode can be centrally stored and loaded throughout the company, making it available to other users as user-specific profiles.

  • OPC-Server
    Release comes with the new add-on "OPC-Server" (OPC = "Open Platform Communication - Unified Architecture (OPC UA)") to support more realistic Virtual Reality. The add-on enables data exchange between EMM-Check® and vehicle controls. For this purpose, EMM-Check® reads the data from the OPC-Server in real time. The real operating components of the vehicle can thus be used to control the virtual vehicle within EMM-Check®.

Note:: The next release is planned for February 2019. We will inform you in time via "Panorama" about the current release date.

EMM-Check® Roadshows
REKNOW has also held further successful roadshow events in recent months, including one at a leading manufacturer of powered industrial trucks.
From a wide range of business units - from design, marketing and sales to management, the roadshow participants were able to meet in Virtual Reality to discuss design aspects, test kinematic behavior and evaluate different configurations of their virtual vehicles, for example.
In November and December, the next and for this year last events in this series will lead the REKNOW team to a major agricultural vehicle manufacturer and an innovative supplier of the automotive industry. New roadshow dates - both national and international - are of course planned for next year. If you would also like to hold a roadshow event with us, please make an appointment with our Mrs. Yvonne Heinrich at any time (phone: +49 40 98 76 00 02, mail: y.heinrich(at)

Functions in focus
As usual, we would like to remind you of useful functions in EMM-Check® and point out their further development in this chapter.

Today our topic: "Decals"

To document the results of a visibility field analysis, use the "Report" function in the menu of the same name. You have certainly noticed that this menu also contains the "Decal" function. What is it all about?
National regulations may require the results of the visibility field analysis to be affixed as decals in the cab and/or printed in the vehicle operating manual. Due to corresponding customer requirements from the American and Australian regions, this function was therefore already implemented in 2015 (release and is available for the standards
  • ISO 5006:2006
  • ISO 5006:2017
  • DIN EN 15830:2012
  • StVZO §35b Section 2 / Directive 11
  • ISO 5721 Part 1
  • HSE Document 05.05.2015, Visibility Map

The results of the visibility field analysis according to the mentioned standards are the basis for the creation of a decal. Proceed as follows to create a decal:
  • The standards selected in the opened project file are listed on the left side of the dialog.
  • Click on the icon to expand the desired standard so that subordinate nodes are displayed for selection for the specific standard.
  • Select the desired nodes by clicking with the mouse (multi-selection is possible) and then click on the button . This transfers your selection to the "Items to draw" list.
  • Now specify whether the decal is to be displayed in color, gray scale or black / white. The selection options can be found below the list of items to be drawn.
  • If you now click on the "Update" button, the decal is displayed on the right-hand side of the dialog.
  • To bring an item to be drawn on the decal to the foreground or to transfer it to the background, select it in the "Items to draw" list and move it up or down in the list using the arrow button. The decal must then be updated again.
  • You can also use the options that you can access through the button “Options” to modify the decal according to your requirements.
  • The decal can then be saved by clicking on the "Save image" button. EMM-Check® saves your decal as an image file in ".png" format.

bauma 2019
The "bauma 2019", the world's leading trade fair for construction vehicle, building material vehicle, mining machinery, construction vehicles and construction equipment will take place from 8th to 14th April 2019 in Munich. Over 3,400 exhibitors will be presenting their latest products, equipment and machinery. REKNOW will also be there again in cooperation with MEKRA Lang Group in Hall B5, Booth 542. We will be presenting the latest developments in EMM-Check®, the leading software for normative visibility field analysis and subjective field-of-view evaluation using virtual reality on virtual commercial vehicles. We look forward to your visit and exciting discussions with you!
Make an appointment with us today! You can reach us under the following link: Appointment for bauma 2019

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