Panorama from 16th of August 2018 - Edition 30

Bachelor Theses at REKNOW
From May to July this year a student from the University of Applied Sciences in Wilhelmshaven, the “Jade Hochschule”, wrote his bachelor thesis at REKNOW. Among other things, the basics for a new functionality called "View Allocation Map" in EMM-Check were developed. More precisely, this function can do a "visibility field analysis without a vehicle", which is intended to facilitate the design and development of visually compliant vehicles. The cooperation between REKNOW and the University of Applied Sciences Wilhelmshaven was always very successful in the past and will be intensified in the future. Furthermore, we regularly cooperate with other universities, for example in form of guest lectures. We are also happy to accept prospective Master's and Bachelor's as well as working students, who can contact us at any time!

Cooperation with VETTER Industrie GmbH
Last year at the Agritechnica a very successful partnership between REKNOW and VETTER was concluded. At the beginning of this year, the first VETTER forks were already implemented in EMM-Check and are available for the visibility field analyses since, e.g. in accordance with the standards
  • DIN EN 15830:2012,
  • ISO 13564-1:2012,
  • DIN EN 16307-1:2013,
  • DIN EN 16842-1/2 and,
  • ANSI/ITSDF B56.11.6-2013
With the next release, schedules for September, an even broader selection of VETTER’s product portfolio will be available.

Functions in focus
As usual, we would like to remind you of useful functions in EMM-Check or point out their further development in this chapter. Today our topic: "Model splitting and model cleaning" Until now, exporting to "logical" blocks or components was necessary for all users who exported vehicle data in STL format and wanted to build kinematics in EMM-Check. Since the EMM-Check release, the "Split model" function no longer requires the associated considerable effort; STL-models can now be exported as one "block". The function performs a geometry scan and breaks it down into all the individual parts originally set up in the CAD system. After disassembly, the vehicle can be cleaned up using the "Clean" function. For example, small parts or all completely concealed parts can be removed to reduce the number of triangles. For the upcoming release in September we now would like to announce revised and significantly extended split and clean functions!

Now you are in demand!
Below we would like to ask you to take part in a short survey. It deals with vehicle positioning in vehicles with ramming feet, such as those used for rollers or landfill compactors. Based on the representation for landfill compactors in the ISO 5006:2017 document, we as well as leading manufacturers consider that the vehicle must be positioned on the feet and not recessed for visibility field measurement. What’s your opinion? Please let us know what you are thinking about it via!

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