Panorama from 19th of June 2018 - Edition 28

EMM-Check Roadshow
As announced REKNOW successfully made roadshow events for EMM-Check at several well-known companies this month. In addition to the normative field of view analysis, however, the VR functionalities of EMM-Check were the main focus. Participants from different areas of the respective companies - from design to marketing and sales to management - were able to meet in the Virtual Reality and discuss design aspects together in their virtual vehicle, test the kinematic behavior, evaluate vehicle configurations, etc. Convinced of the benefits of this fascinating technology, the companies will test this EMM-Check in the coming months. Further roadshow events will be carried out until the end of June and then again from September. Appointments can be requested at any time from our Ms. Michelle Mitsching (phone: +49 40 98 76 00 02, email:

Theory meets practice
The management of REKNOW provided a completely different view on the topic of vision, which the employees deal with every day during the development of EMM-Check, within the scope of a further training measure. Initially, all employees got an instruction in operating a mini excavator and a wheel loader. Under the expert guidance of the trainers of the Hafen Akademie Hamburg it was then possible to excavate, transport sand with the wheel loader and learn how to load and unload trucks. The focus was of course the experience and evaluation of the machine operator's visual situations during these activities. REKNOW thanks the Hafen Akademie Hamburg for the successful execution of the training and an unforgettable day for everyone.

Preview of Release
The release announced in the last "Panorama" for this month will now be released on July 20, 2018. Reasons for the postponement include the strong demand for the EMM-Check Roadshow with a large number of events this month. We apologize for the delay, but we would like to inform you today about further important functionalities of this release:
  • New function „Split model“
    With this function, a model that has been imported from a stl-file and is available as one piece of geometry, for example, can be disassembled. The implemented algorithm performs geometry recognition to identify the original parts and generate them as separate models in EMM-Check.

  • Consideration of EEC 2015/208 (Annex IX) as part of ISO 5721 Part 2
    The tab "Areas" of ISO 5721 Part 2 has been extended to take into account the requirements of EEC 2015/208. Two optional test areas are now available for this purpose, which can be used to evaluate the visibility of the horizon in the outer mirrors (class II) to the left and right behind the vehicle.

  • Consideration of footnote 1 of DIN EN 15830
    For test profiles with "attached load", DIN EN 15830 defines in footnote 1 that large field of view restrictions are acceptable if the load itself causes them. If the industrial truck has been tested without load, the field of view restriction must not exceed 1,800 mm. EMM-Check now takes these normative specification into account.

    DIN EN 15830
    1) large masking accepted due to the load itself being the cause (if the truck was to be tested without load in this configuration the masking should not exceed 1800mm).
Functions in focus
As usual, we would like to remind you of useful functions in EMM-Check or point out their further development in this chapter.
Today our topic: "Selection and optimal positioning of visual aids". Surely you have already experienced the following situation in your daily business. A new vehicle, e.g. an excavator, must be developed. Based on his experience and previous vehicle versions, the designer is familiar with
  • the approximate positions of mirrors, cameras and monitors on the vehicle
  • the design limitations of the vehicle for visual aids, such as
    • the available installation space
    • the required accessibility e.g. for the adjustment of a mirror
  • the expected problem areas, such as
    • excavator field of vision restrictions
    • suitable positions of the visual aids in and on the cabin
    • the different requirements of the standards

With EMM-Check the field of vision limitations of the excavator have already been determined. The challenge now is to select the right visual aids and find the best position for them. The aim must be to eliminate field of vision restrictions quickly, with the optimal mirrors and/or camera monitor systems, taking into account the applicable standards (e.g. ISO 5006:2017 and ISO 14401 1-2:2009 for an excavator). Here EMM-Check supports the designer, too. Proceed as follows for mirrors in the future:
  • Add a generic mirror and position it approximately
  • Define some controls on the mirror for translation and rotation
  • Adjust the mirror parameters (size, radius of curvature) based on your experience, customer specifications, etc.
  • Start the driver mode and determine the optimal position and rotation of the mirror using the controls.
  • Assign the mirror to the standard to assess the possible elimination of field-of-view restrictions based on the mirror fields of view.
  • Now simply replace the generic mirror with a catalog mirror and perform a new field of view analysis according to the selected standard

The procedure is similarly simple for camera-monitor systems:
  • Add a monitor and position it approximately
  • Define some controls on the monitor for translation and rotation
  • Start the driver mode and determine the optimal position and rotation of the mirror using the controls.
  • Add the required camera(s) and position them approximately
  • Now select a camera and activate the camera mode to evaluate and, if necessary, adjust its position and opening angle. (The values are displayed at the top left)
  • Replace the camera with a more suitable camera if necessary
  • Connect the camera(s) to the monitor to display the camera image
  • Assign the camera/s to the standard to assess the possible elimination of field of view restrictions based on the camera fields of view
  • Perform a new field of view analysis according to the selected standards

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19th of June 2018, Panorama Edition 28
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