EMM-Check 4 - the next generation of visibility field analysis!

We keep you informed! Please find in the following list all new Features of the latest version of EMM-Check.

What`s new? 

EMM-Check 4 provides a new innovative user interface and many new functions. As a new standards, the ISO 13564-1 and the ISO 5721 part 1 and part 2 were implemented. Now forklifters up to 10t and agricultural tractors can also be analyzed with EMM-Check.

See the highlights of EMM-Check 4 below:

Extended tree structure
  • Support of assembly structure to manage your model data more modular
  • Moving or rotating components will also move or rotate child components
Rules and Controls
  • Definition of kinematic dependencies between vehicle components
  • Creation of controls for moving or rotating parts in a defined range and control them by a gamepad
  • Freezing of vehicle configurations
Extended Driver Mode
  • Toogle view beteen left eye, right eye, root of nose and neck point
  • Rotation around the neck point
  • Definition of presets
Virtual Reality for your desk!
  • Implementation of the Oculus Rift® DK1 (Head tracking)
  • Implementation of the Oculus Rift® DK2 (Head Tracking / Torso Tracking)
Perspective view mode
  • New perspective view mode in the viewer
  • Search for components in the tree structure by name and/or type
Catalog for forks and load platforms
  • Forks for forklifters and wheel loaders are available now from a catalog
Work lights
  • Analysis of the areas illuminated by work lights
  • New modular license model: From viewer license to extended analysis functions
  • Standards and Add-On`s separately licensed
  • We implement customer specific requirements that will only be available to you! 

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