Vehicle Operation

EMM-Check allows you to animate your vehicle. Kinematic dependencies can be defined through controls and rules and be controlled by a gamepad or a joystick.

A "Control" controls one degree of freedom of a component. This can be a singe part (e.g. a mirror) or an assembly (e.g. the boom of an excavator or th whole vehicle). The "Control" defines the range of movement and the default position. They can be conntected to a gamepad, a joystick or to controllers of a Head Mounted Display (HMD).

Controls   Controls
A "Rule" defines the kinematic dependency between two components. A component can be a single part or an assembly. If one component moves, the second component follows according the the definitions of the rule. EMM-Check provides the follwing rules for defining vehicle kinematics:
  • Rule (definition of a linear dependancy)
  • Extended Rule (definiton of a non liniear dependancy)
  • Alignment Rule
  • DoF-Rule (DoF = degree of freedom)

Controls   Controls
If you have set up the vehicle kinematics in EMM-Check, you can control your vehicle by using a gamepad. This works in normal viewer mode, in Driver Mode and in VR-Mode (HMD).

The support of vehicle kinematics supports you to experience the driver's view by using the VR-functions in EMM-Check.
  • Evaluation of the subjective driver's view during operation
  • Evaluation of the visibility of mirror during operation
  • Evaluation of the visibility of monitors and warning decals
  • Evaluation of the visibility of boarding aids

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