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REKNOW Virtual Reality Cluster in EMM-Check

Experience the virtual reality with your team: The REKNOW VR-Cluster makes it possible.

Head mounted displays (HMDs) allow the implementation of cost-effective virtual reality solutions in companies. It is often perceived as disadvantageous that the user acts alone in his virtual world. The REKNOW VR-Cluster, breakes this technological limit. Using several HMDs (e. g. HTC Vive) at one location or distributed worldwide, it is possible to carry out design reviews and product presentations in a team.
We cordially invite you to a presentation of REKNOW VR-Cluster at our location in Hamburg!

How it works:
  • Each participant needs EMM-Check to be installed on his computer and a Head Mouted Display (HTC Vive).
  • A network connection is required between the computers of the participants. The connection can be established over the Intranet or via the Internet (also via VPN tunnel).
  • The REKNOW VR-Sever needs to be installed on one of the computers in the network.
  • Each participant loaded the same EMM-Check project (ecp-file).
  • All participants login to the REKNOW VR-Server and activate the VR-Mode in EMM-Check.
  • The participants are now all together in the virtual reality and can discuss and review the same data (vehicle, product, etc.). They can see the other participants (head and hands).
Global design review

  • Assessment of visibility conditions by a centralized or distributed team
  • Assessment and discussion of technical solutions on the vehicle (e. g. accessibility of service doors and operating controls)
  • Assessment of the vehicle design in real size (1:1) in a team
  • Product presentations for customers and possibly with the customer

2 persons using the VR-Cluster 4 persons in the virtual world
Two persons using
the VR-Cluster
Four persons in
the virtual world

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9th of February 2018, EMM-Check Release
On 9th of February 2018 the version of EMM-Check was released. This version will contain many enhanced and new functions as well as modifications in some of the standards. For details click here.

1st of September 2017, New office opened!
REKNOW was able to grow continuously over the past years due to increasing revenues from EMM-Check. This success shows up in the opening of an additional office in Hamburg. The new office provides space for new colleagues and can be used for presentations to our customers.