System Requirements

EMM-Check is a 3D-Application and requires a powerful graphics card. On-Board graphics cards (e.g. INTEL HD) are not supported. EMM-Check provides official support for NVIDIA graphics cards only.

We recommend the following minimum configuration of the use of EMM-Check :

Operating System:Windows 7 or Windows 10, 64-Bit
Memory:min. 8 GByte
Disk Space:2 GByte for the installation, 3 GByte for VR-Scenarios (optional)
Graphics Card:NVIDIA OpenGL 4.0 capable graphics card with min. 2 GByte video memory + current driver
AMD graphics cards and on-board graphics cards are not supported.
Browser/PDF:Installed Internet Browser and/or PDF-Reader for displaying the analysis report
Mouse:Three button mouse with scroll wheel
Optional:Joystick, Gamepad
3Dconnexion Space Mouse Enterprise/Pro/Compact
Virtual Reality:HTC Vive®

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