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Philosophy REKNOW

When a company introduces a new product to the market, it primarily wants to earn money to grow. When REKNOW was founded in 2008 and the product EMM-Check was developed, we wanted to earn more than money. From the very beginning, the focus was set on people. With EMM-Check we want to help prevent accidents caused by commercial vehicles and thus reduce human suffering. In daily work of our employees*, we make sure that they feel comfortable with us and are perceived as people, not just employees.
Since the foundation of REKNOW, people have always been the most important thing for us. And that hasn't changed until today. With everything we do, we want our success to benefit others. It doesn't matter whether it's our customer that build more efficiently and safety products due to our products or our employees* for whom our familiar atmosphere, communication at eye level and integration into new projects are part of their daily work. Every one of us lives this principle and therefore always gives the best in at work!

  * This term refers to both male and female employees.

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9th of February 2018, EMM-Check Release
On 9th of February 2018 the version of EMM-Check was released. This version will contain many enhanced and new functions as well as modifications in some of the standards. For details click here.

1st of September 2017, New office opened!
REKNOW was able to grow continuously over the past years due to increasing revenues from EMM-Check. This success shows up in the opening of an additional office in Hamburg. The new office provides space for new colleagues and can be used for presentations to our customers.