Panorama from 19th of July 2018 - Edition 29

EMM-Check Roadshow
This year's EMM-Check Roadshow will continue in autumn. The next events in week38 will be at leading manufacturers in the industrial trucks and agricultural vehicles sectors.

In the mentioned calendar week as well as in week 39 further dates can be inquired and booked at any time with our Mrs. Mitsching (phone: +49 40 98 76 00 02, email:
We prepared the following agenda for you during this two- to three-hour event:

  • Short introduction to field of view analysis
  • Results of a field of view analysis with EMM-Check
  • Subjective field of view evaluation in Virtual Reality - hands-on VR and VR -Cluster
  • Benefit analysis, Q&A and possible next steps

Review to our excavator training
As already reported in edition 28 of our newsletter "Panorama", all REKNOW employees were able to experience in the context of a training with which visual conditions drivers of earth moving machines, for example, have to deal with in their daily work. The linked video shows that this further training has also spurred some of the team members to top performance. REKNOW thanks the Hafen Akademie Hamburg for the successful execution of the training and an unforgettable day for everyone.

Watch video

Preview Release
The release of EMM-Check Version, postponed from June into this month due to the large number of roadshow events, will take place tomorrow (July 20, 2018) as promised. In addition to the new functions and extensions mentioned in the "Panorama" editions 27 and 28, such as

  • mechanics of mirrors, cameras and worklights,
  • Add-on "VR-Scenarios",
  • "Split model",
  • consideration of EEC 2015/208 in ISO 5721 Part 2 and
  • consideration of footnote 1 in DIN EN 15830

we would like to draw your attention to further interesting new features in this release.
  • Function "Saved views"
    This graphics function allows you to save and restore views in the current project file. The advantage: Views (viewing direction, zoom factor, etc.) can now be defined, saved and recalled at any time for documentation of analysis results or for creating presentations.

  • Import obj-files
    In addition to neutral CAD data in STL and JT format, OBJ data can now also be loaded into EMM-Check. OBJ is an open data format for storing three-dimensional geometric shapes and is supported by many 3D graphics programs. In addition to the description of the geometric form, texture information is also provided, which in EMM Check, for example, ensures a more realistic experience of virtual reality.

Functions in focus
As usual we would like to remind you of useful functions in EMM-Check or point out their further development.
Today our topic: "Setting up a Z-kinematics"
For the construction of a working Z-kinematics on a wheel loader we have compiled a description of the procedure for you. You can view it on our website by clicking the following link.

Tutorial ansehen

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