Panorama from 12th of April, 2018 - Edition 26

10th anniversary of REKNOW
On 11.04.2008 the two managing directors founded the company REKNOW in Dirk Janßen's apartment in Hamburg.

Parallel to the development and operation of an Internet-based trading platform for the manufacturing industry, the two founders continued to operate in their core business - the provision of training and consulting services in the CATIA and PDM environment, the development of macros, etc.

Inspired by the request of a manufacturer of construction machinery, the product EMM-Check was developed for field of view analysis for virtual commercial vehicles, which today is the standard software for field of view analysis in the international market.

After 10 years of successful development of REKNOW, we celebrated our anniversary with all employees and their families on April 11th.

We would like to use our anniversary to thank you for your trust in our company. We look forward to continue our trustful cooperation with you!

EMM-Check Release - Preview
On 20th of April 2018 we will release Among many other features, this release will include the following news:
  • ISO 5006:2017 - Footnotes a and b in various test profiles
    Table 1 contains footnotes a and b for certain criteria in some test profiles. The criteria marked with these footnotes apply alternatively to the criteria of the sector in which they are listed in the table.
    For 'skid steer loaders', for example, the alternative test criterion with footnote a applies across all sectors for D, E and F, while for 'wheel excavators m<10t, side boom', 'chain excavators m<10t, side boom' and 'rollers 5t For example, for 'wheel excavators m<10t, side boom', the criterion '2000mm b' is an alternative to the criteria '700mm and 1300mm' in sector A. It is therefore possible to have a field of view restriction of 2000mm in sector A or B or C and additionally a field of view restriction of up to 2500mm in sector C.
    These alternative check criteria have now been implemented.

  • ISO 5006:2017 – Larger machines
    ISO 5006:2017 describes in paragraph 10.4.1 special test requirements for machines whose mass exceeds the masses defined in Tables 1 and 2. The test criteria applicable to these machines shall be those applicable to the machine with the highest mass in its category.
    New test profiles have therefore been defined for all vehicle types (except skid steer loaders). The profiles refer to a vehicle mass outside the ranges defined in the standard and cannot be locked. When one of these profiles is used, the settings and test criteria of the profile with the highest mass are loaded in accordance with the standard.
    When the report is generated, the message 'Complies with the standard' is replaced by 'Complies with the defined criteria'. Likewise, the message 'The profile has not been locked' is replaced in the overall result by 'A non-standard conform profile has been selected.'

  • ISO 5721 Part 2
    Chapter 5.3.2 "Indirect view" of ISO 5721-2 states that field of vision restrictions of less than 10% are permitted if they are caused by attachment parts such as doors handles, other mirrors and direction indicators.
    This means that if at least one visual aid has been installed, the maskings on the test surfaces behind the vehicle can be up to 10% per side if the indirect field of view has been calculated with taking into account the attchement parts. Maskings must then not occur on the side surfaces next to the vehicle.
    If no visual aids have been installed, maskings must not occur on the surfaces behind the vehicle. In this case, shading of up to 10% may occur on the side surfaces next to the vehicle.
    Models can now be declared as "Attachment Parts". These are taken into account during the analysis when the fields of vision of the visual aids are calculated.

    In addition to ISO 13564-1, DIN EN 16307-1 and DIN EN 16842 1-2, another standard is now available for field of view analysis on virtual industrial trucks. This is primarily used in the USA.

Functions in Focus
As it was already a tradition in the previous "Panorama", we would like to remind you of useful functions in EMM-Check or inform you about their further development:

  • Driver mode - Set markers
    Markers can now be set in driver mode to evaluate the results of the field of view analysis or the previews. To do this, aim at the desired point with the mouse pointer and click with the left mouse button while pressing the Ctrl-Key. A point on the ground level and a line from this point to the defined eye point in driver mode are created for each marking. Both geometry elements of a marker are located in the "Marker - Driver Mode" component below the vehicle node.

  • Extended rule - new feature simplifies definition
    In addition to the creation of the motion graph with the mouse or entering relative value pairs, a third, innovative method is now available for defining an extended rule:
    The option "Record values" the values can now be entered manually and previewed. For example, you define a position of a component in the input field for the source component and define the target components' position in the corresponding input field for the target component in relation to the position of the source component. The movement of both components will automatically displayed in the viewer. Once all positions have been entered, they can be displayed one after the other using the "Play" function. The advantage: with complex rules, an Excel spreadsheet is no longer required, and absolute values no longer have to be converted into relative values.

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