Please find information about the latest changes since the previous release of EMM-Check.

New Functions
  • AddOn "OPC-Server-Interface"
    The new AddOn "OPC-Server-Interface" is now available!
    With this AddOn you can control your vehicles via an OPC server. with EMM-Check® and thus control the virtual vehicles with real control elements.
    You will need a vehicle control system, an OPC server, which communicates with vehicle control system, and the new AddOn in EMM-Check®. If you have set up your vehicle with controls in EMM-Check®, you can then link these with the variables (signals) of the OPC server. This offers you the possibility, for example, in a VR environment, to link your vehicles with the real operating components and thus have a more realistic experience.
    The function for logging on to an OPC server is available in the category "VR" in the lower menu bar. The "OPC" area is available in the dialog of a control for linking it to an input device.

  • Moving components in the REKNOW VR-Cluster
    With release we have implemented the possibility to move components and assemblies in the virtual world in EMM-Check®. No further preparations are necessary. You load your models and can directly use them in the virtual world.
    So far, however, other participants in a VR session could not see the movements of components/assemblies performed by other participants. This function has now been implemented. Each participant can grab components and assemblies, move them and transfer them to other participants. This enables efficient and cross-location design reviews without much effort.

  • Data import and export between EMM-Check® projects
    With the new functions "Export EMM-Check® data" and "Import EMM-Check® data" you can export data from one EMM-Check® project and import it into another EMM-Check® project. The export/import includes models, mirrors, cameras, worklights, forks and other objects. All objects including their properties and position will be applied.
    This functions can be used, for example, to provide standard environments or vehicle attachments for the EMM-Check® users of a company, which are then imported into existing projects.
    This functions are located in the contextual menu.

  • Extension of the "Environment" function
    A cylindrical environment has been added to the "Environment" function. This allows equirectangular images to be displayed as spheres and panoramic images as cylindrical environments. A panoramic image can be captured with most smartphones.
    The "Cylindrical Environment" tab has been added to the Environment dialog.
    Environments can be used to create a realistic background for driver mode and VR scenes.

  • New shortcuts in driver mode
    Three new shortcuts have been implemented in driver mode:
    • Key "+", Key "-"
      Use the "+" and "-" keys to switch between the predefined profiles in driver mode.
    • Key "Strg + L"
      The dialog for the logical components can now be displayed with Ctrl+L.

ISO 13564, DIN EN 16307
  • Evaluation of lift height
    • The lifting height was previously measured and evaluated once for the entire test procedure. From now on, the lifting height is measured and evaluated individually for each test. The reason was that during tests with the mast tilted back, the forks may be too high and this was not previously detected.
    • If the lifting height is not ok during one test, the entire test procedure is considered "failed".

StVZO §35b Chapter 2, Directive 11 and ISO 5721 Part 1
  • Evaluation of variants
    In the StVZO §35b Chapter.2 / Directive 11 and the ISO 5721 part 1 maskings that are close to each other can be merged, if the resulting masking is not larger than 600mm or 700mm. Since there are often several possibilities for combining the masking, EMM-Check® evaluates all possible variants. The analysis of the variants was not carried out correctly in an individual case. One of the possible variants was not evaluated. This error has been corrected.


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