Neumünstersche Straße 14
D-20251 Hamburg
phone: +49 40 98 76 00 02
fax: +49 40 98 76 00 04
email : info [at]

Managing Directors
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Dirk Janßen, Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Schneider

Register Court
HRA 114880
District Court Hamburg
Company location: Hamburg

Sales Tax-Identification Number
according to § 27 a Sales Tax Law
DE 259 307 098

Editor in charge according to § 6 MDStV:
Sebastian Schneider
phone : +49 40 98 76 00 02
email : info [at]

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19th of June 2018, Panorama Edition 28
On 19th of June 2018 we have sent our newsletter Panorama containing information about REKNOW and EMM-Check. Read now.

20th of April 2018, EMM-Check Release
On 20th of April 2018 the version of EMM-Check was released. This version contains many enhanced and new functions as well as modifications in some of the standards. For details click here.

1st of September 2017, New office opened!
REKNOW was able to grow continuously over the past years due to increasing revenues from EMM-Check. This success shows up in the opening of an additional office in Hamburg. The new office provides space for new colleagues and can be used for presentations to our customers.